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JULY 16: Amazing Adventures of Toby Adapted from the Bible Book "Tobias"; JULY 16: Classic Movies The Best and the Worst

JULY 23: Able Body, But Far Too Busy This Year (a Michaela Morris Mystery Thriller); Merryll Manning: Rembrandt and the Collar of Gold; Movie Mystery Thrillers; Classic Movie Posters from Hollywood's Golden Age; Daniel Detective, Dragon Slayer, Lion Tamer

ALSO OF INTEREST TO MOVIE FANS, and free of charge on June 25: Michaela Morris in Hollywood, plus on June 11 and 25, July 9 and 23, plus August 6: AWESOME ADVENTURES IN THE MOVIE BUSINESS.

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A Guide to the Best in Cinema Thrills.  

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"Wings" is featured on the cover of the first of JHR's Guides to Classic Movies on DVD. This book has now been released in an up-to-date Kindle edition for only $3.99! The e-book as well as the traditional printed edition are now on sale in online stores throughout the world including Barnes & Noble, Apple and Sony. The price for the lavishly printed 320-page book is only $17.50. Over 175 movies are detailed, and illustrated with over 100 photos. If you take advantage of only ONE of my 178 DVD suggestions, you will save more than the price of the book. And if you buy the printed edition from Amazon, you can download the Kindle edition FREE OF CHARGE!

I'm now working on other books in this series. The second, as noted above, has also been published and won a 2011 Readers Favorite Award. It deals with MYSTERY, SUSPENSE, FILM NOIR AND DETECTIVE MOVIES ON DVD (see details below).

The third deals with WESTERNS. 

When I commenced work on SILENT FILMS & EARLY TALKIES ON DVD, I thought I'd be lucky to find 200 feature films that were (or had been) available. To my amazement, the total is now closer to 2,000. Of course, these include collections of shorts, and there are duplicates. Three or four versions of some popular public domain titles can be purchased for prices ranging all the way from bargain basement to premium. I've looked at them all, and selected the best, regardless of price. And would you believe that MANY of the CHEAPER discs are SUPERIOR in quality to the more expensive? ALPHA and GRAPEVINE are the front runners so far as SILENT MOVIE CLASSICS are concerned. Sometimes, the Grapevine pressing is the better disc, but just as often the inexpensive Alpha version is superior, so I've also provided a quality rating in each review: 10/10 represents a perfect, indeed an outstanding DVD transfer. "Sunrise" from Fox is an excellent example of a 10/10 DVD. 

Here are just 3 sample entries from over 175 published in SILENT FILMS & EARLY TALKIES ON DVD:

Smouldering Fires

First, the cast list: Pauline Frederick (Jane Vale), Laura La Plante (Dorothy Vale), Malcolm McGregor (Robert Elliott), Tully Marshall (Scotty), Wanda Hawley (Lucy), Helen Lynch (Kate Brown), George Cooper (Mugsy), Arthur Lake (party guest who dances with Jane), Bert Roach, Bobby Mack, Frank Newburg, Billy Gould, Rolfe Sedan, Jack McDonald, William Orlamond (committee members).


Then, the technical credits: Director: CLARENCE BROWN. Screenplay: Sada Cowan, Howard Higgin, Melville W. Brown. Titles: Dwinelle Benthall. Story: Sada Cowan, Howard Higgin, Margaret Deland. Photography: Jackson Rose. Film editor: Edward Schroeder. Art directors: Leo K. Kuter, E.E. Sheeley. Assistant director: Charles Dorian. Executive producer: Carl Laemmle.


Then, the release details: Copyright 25 November 1924 by Universal Pictures. New York opening at the Piccadilly: 30 March 1925. U.S. release: 18 January 1925. 8 reels. 7,356 feet. 80 minutes.


SYNOPSIS: Middle-aged female factory owner falls in love with one of her young male employees.


NOTES: Re-made by Warner Bros.-First National in 1933 (without acknowledgment) as Female with Ruth Chatterton, George Brent and Ferdinand Gottschalk in the roles here played by Pauline Frederick, Malcolm McGregor and Tully Marshall.


Then, the Comment and DVD release details:COMMENT: Blessed with outstanding performances from the entire cast and excellent production values including astute direction from Clarence Brown, here's a romantic drama that holds audience interest from first to last, despite its somewhat familiar plot. The acting is both natural and sympathetic and the plot is cleverly augmented with numerous incidents (the dismissal notices that Scotty is always so happy to produce; the showdown on the factory floor; the rope breaking at the cliff edge; Arthur Lake whirling Miss Frederick across the dance floor) that keep our involvement at a consistently high level. In fact, Pauline Frederick is such a magnetic personality, it's impossible to take our eyes from the screen. [DVD from Sunrise Silents is a nice tinted print. Quality rating: 9 out of ten].   

OTHER VIEWS: Although she is little-known today, Pauline Frederick was once the most famous actress in the whole world. (By "actress", I mean just that, not "show business personality"). It was a position she achieved by hard work. "People who think the path of a chorus girl is strewn with roses, have a lot to learn," she once declared. "I knew going on the stage would entail hardships. but I now venture to say that a man with a pick and a shovel has a much easier time!"

    It was due to her stage reputation, however, that Pauline Frederick was offered the leading role in her first film, The Eternal City (1915). She continued to play the leads in another 56 movies, right up until 1929. In 1931 she graciously accepted a co-starring role for the first time ever in This Modern Age as a personal favor for Joan Crawford and Irving Thalberg at M-G-M. She was billed second to Joan Crawford. For the rest of her 65-movies career, Pauline Frederick generally played the third lead (never less than fourth), and was top-billed in Monogram's Self-Defense (1933).


George O'Brien (a farmer), Janet Gaynor (his wife), Margaret Livingston (a vacationer), Bodil Rosing (maid), J. Farrell McDonald (photographer), Ralph Sipperly (barber), Jane Winton (manicurist), Arthur Housman (masher), Eddie Boland (mister obliging), Gibson Gowland (angry driver), Sidney Bracey (fun fair official), Gino Corrado (barber shop manager), Phillips Smalley (waiter), Clarence Wilson (money lender), Barry Norton (dancer), Sally Eilers (girl in dance hall), Fletcher Henderson (performer), F.W. Murnau (man in street), Bob Kortman, Harry Semels.


Director: F.W. MURNAU. Screenplay: Carl Mayer. Based on the 1917 short novel, "The Journey to Tilsit", by Hermann Sudermann. Titles: Katherine Hilliker, H.H. Caldwell. Photography: Charles Rosher, Karl Struss. Film editor: Harold D. Schuster. Art directors: Rochus Gliese, assisted by Alfred Metscher and Edgar G. Ulmer. Special effects: Frank Williams. Music: Hugo Riesenfeld. Stills: Frank Powolny. Cameramen: Stuart Thompson, Hal Carney. Assistant director: Herman Bing. Executive producer: William Fox.


Copyright 12 June 1927 by Fox Film Corp. New York opening: 23 September. U.S. release: 4 November 1928. 8,729 feet. 97 minutes.


SYNOPSIS: Vacationing vamp from the city induces a gullible farmer to murder his wife.


NOTES: Members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences voted this picture ahead of Chang and The Crowd for "Artistic Quality of Production." Janet Gaynor won the award for Best Actress (in conjunction with her performances in Seventh Heaven and Street Angel). Rosher and Struss were voted the year's best photographers for their joint cinematography of Sunrise. (Two cameras were used, Rosher operating one, and his friend, Struss, the other). 

    The movie was also nominated for Art Direction.

    Number 7 in the Film Daily's annual poll of U.S. film critics.

    One of Mordaunt Hall's selections for the Ten Best Films of 1927.

    Herman Bing, the assistant director, is also the well-known character actor.


COMMENT: Simply one of the best movies ever made, Sunrise is both an invigorating and heart-warming, yet sometimes comic and intensely dramatic experience.

    It seems to me that it would be hard to go past George O'Brien [pictured] for the year's Best Actor and F.W. Murnau for Best Director, yet both men were not even nominated. The scene in which O'Brien's besotted farmer tries to murder his wife must surely rank as the number one dramatic moment in the whole history of the cinema. It is absolutely terrifying, and yet the sheer horror of this moment is brilliantly modified and translated into the charmingly frenetic comedy that follows.

    Full marks also to Struss and Rosher for their incredible, superbly atmospheric photography. (Interestingly, Struss was the official cameraman for the Awards Ceremony at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on 16 May 1929, so he had the job of photographing himself). And it is no surprise to find the designer of the movie's absolutely breathtaking sets as a nominee. 

    I certainly won't question Janet Gaynor's accolades either, but there is another player in the film who deserves a special recognition: Margaret Livingston. Her role is vital and she plays it with utter conviction.

    Yes, as other reviewers have already noted, the movie is heavily Germanic in style, mood and presentation. Murnau's camera is moody, oppressively fluid, realistic, scarifying and intrusive as it draws us inevitably and inexorably into his "Song of Two Humans." 

AVAILABLE on DVD through Fox. Quality rating: Ten out of ten.       



To judge by the number of his current DVD releases, Douglas Fairbanks still rates as the number one male movie star of the 1920s. No fewer than six of his major films are reviewed, rated and discussed in SILENT FILMS AND EARLY TALKIES ON DVD, including Don Q, Son of Zorro (I think you'll be surprised to see which DVD release receives my coveted 10/10 rating, not only because of its superlative print quality but its excellent music score); The Mark of Zorro (another 10/10 transfer); Robin Hood (also 10/10); Taming of the Shrew (also, most surprisingly, 10/10); The Thief of Bagdad (it's no surprise to find a 10/10 DVD for this popular title); The Three Musketeers (the best DVD quality I could find for this title I'd rate 9/10, but that's still pretty close to excellent).


SILENT FILMS AND EARLY TALKIES ON DVD is now available both as a regular book and in a Kindle edition which costs only $3.99! This e-book edition is also now on sale at Barnes & Noble, Apple and Sony. To buy the lavishly printed trade paperback edition for $17.50, please use this link:




Here is a mammoth, award-winning 468-page guide to well over 700 suspense/film noir/mystery movies now available on DVD. Over 1,200 DVDs were viewed in the course of writing this book. YOU WILL SAVE THE $24.50 COVER PRICE OF THIS BOOK BY FOLLOWING JUST A FEW OF THE SUGGESTIONS ON WHAT NOT TO BUY ON AN INFERIOR DVD DISC. On the other hand, you will be thrilled that the DVD discs you do buy are every bit as good in visual and sound quality as the book indicates. Whether you enjoy them or not, of course, is a matter of individual preference. At least the reviews and other details will guide you in the right direction. If you can't stand Dana Andrews, for instance, no way will you buy "Laura" or "Zero Hour", no matter how much I recommend them.    



"MOVIE WESTERNS" BOOK NOW PUBLISHED! The title has been changed to "WESTERNS: A Guide to the Best (and Worst) Western Movies on DVD". Please click on the first link below for the traditional print edition and on the second link (the one with no price) for Amazon's Kindle edition which costs only $2.99! The e-book edition is also available at Barnes & Noble, Apple, Sony, and other online stores.


"LUKE: The Gospel", a brand new translation, easy to read, but extremely faithful to the text LUKE actually wrote (and not to the INCREDIBLY CORRUPTED texts that most churches maintain that Luke supposedly wrote). Normal price is only 99 cents. NEXT FREE DAYS at AMAZON: July 9 and 23, plus August 6 and 20, plus September 3. By contrast, here's a link to JHR's latest e-book of humorous verse: NIBBLES OF NONSENSE

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Other books included in FREE DAYS will be "Poetry for Lazy Summer Afternoons". NEXT FREE DAYS: July 2 and 3. "How NOT To Write Short Stories: 7 Errors To Avoid". NEXT FREE DAYS will be July 2 and 3. "Poetry Pitfalls or What Makes Bad Verse Worse": Free day: June 4. "MYSTERIES for Movie Lovers (and Fans of Film Noir)": June 11. "7 Solid Roads to Writing Success": June 4 and 18 plus July 9.


"50 Best 'B' Westerns Hollywood Ever Made": July 2 and 3.

"Behind the Scenes Publicity Photos and Other Vintage Movie Stills": June 18, plus July 16 and 30, plus August 13.

"How NOT To Write Short Stories: Seven Errors To Avoid": Free days are June 18 and July 9.

"Classic Movie Posters from Hollywood's Golden Age": July 2 and 3.

"Nibbles of Nonsense: Hilarious Comic Verse": July 9.

"Poetry Pitfalls or What Makes Bad Verse Worse" June 4.

"140 All-Time Must-See Movies for Film Lovers": July 8 and 23, plus August 6 .

"ALMOST THE BEST: 50 Movies That Just Missed Awards or Audience Applause": July 2 and 3.


Many of JHR's books, including "CLASSIC MOVIE POSTERS", "GREAT MOVIE MUSICALS", "140 ALL-TIME MUST-SEE MOVIES FOR FILM LOVERS", "HORROR, FANTASY AND SCI-FI DVD" and "ALMOST THE BEST: 50 Movies That Just Missed Awards or Audience Applause" are at present available as e-books only at Amazon Kindle. However, you can download to any device! You don't have to use a Kindle. If you are seeking PRINTED EDITIONS, most of the major stores, including Amazon, of course, will accommodate you, although some of the newer titles are not yet available in a traditional printed format !


JHR's compact advice e-book, "7 SOLID ROADS TO WRITING SUCCESS", will be available from Amazon FREE OF CHARGE on June 4 and 18, plus July 9! (You can also buy it from Amazon for only 99 cents). JHR's first Michaela Morris book, namely "MURDER AT THE RIVER HOUSE", will cost you $2.95, but it will be available FREE OF CHARGE on June 4 and 18, plus July 9. And a little book I'm especially fond of, "AMAZING ADVENTURES OF TOBY", is also on the FREE BOOKS LIST. Upcoming dates are July 2, 3 and 16! Although it's classed as "Wisdom" literature because it contains a few famous quotes such as "Don't do to others anything that you wouldn't like done to yourself", in my opinion, TOBY is actually the world's best short story ever. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry. It will bring joy to your heart. Speaking of joy, JHR's latest writing guide is "How NOT To Write Short Stories: Seven Errors To Avoid". The normal price is 99 cents, but this little book will be available from Amazon FREE OF CHARGE on June 18 and July 9. For full details of both "Merryll Manning" and "Michaela Morris"series of mystery/suspense novels,

please visit MERRYLL MANNING ON THE RIM OF HEAVEN can be downloaded FREE on July 2 and 3! For MERRYLL MANNING: A BRUSH WITH DEATH, the FREE DAYS are July 2, 3 and 23 plus August 6. For MERRYLL MANNING IS DEAD LUCKY: July 2 and 3. For MERRYLL MANNING: REMBRANDT AND THE COLLAR OF GOLD: July 2, 3 and 23!. For MICHAELA MORRIS, the next FREE DAYS for Adventures of a Fighting Girl: Michaela Morris in Dark Black Gold will be July 2 and 3; for Murder at the River House: July 9; for Michaela Morris in Hollywood: June 25. And for the very latest Michaela Morris title namely ABLE BODY, BUT FAR TOO BUSY THIS YEAR, a free day will be July 23.


Here's a link to JHR's latest e-book of humorous verse: NIBBLES OF NONSENSE

"Nibbles of Nonsense Hilarious Comic Verse" IS ALSO ON THE FREE LIST. Next free day will be July 9. Like all the other books on this page, it's also available in the U.K., Germany, France, Canada, Brazil, Italy, China, Australia, India, Mexico, Japan and Spain, but you will need to do a search at your country's Amazon Kindle for "NIBBLES OF NONSENSE" and JHR's other titles, such as BEHIND THE SCENES PUBLICITY PHOTOS & OTHER VINTAGE MOVIE STILLS which will be free on June 18, plus July 16 and 30, plus August 13. BIG SCREEN BIBLE LORE has upcoming free days on June 11 and July 9. A Free Day for CORRECT WRITING FORMATS FOR CONTESTS & PUBLISHERS will be June 4.

"DANIEL DETECTIVE, DRAGON SLAYER, LION TAMER" will be FREE on July 2, 3, and 23!! "FATAL FEMALES & HAZARDOUS HEROINES OF FILM NOIR" will be FREE on July 2! "HOW WRITERS WIN FAVOR WITH JUDGES AND EDITORS" will be FREE on June 11! "50 OF THE FINEST FILMS HOLLYWOOD EVER MADE" will be free on June 25! "HORROR, FANTASY & SCI-FI DVD" will be free on May 28 and 29, plus June 18, plus July 2 and 3. "HISTORY IN MOVIES HOLLYWOOD STYLE" will be free on June 25, plus July 2 and 3! "MORE NEW LIGHT ON MOVIE BESTS" will be free on June 4, plus July 2 and 3. "MORE LIGHT ON HOLLYWOOD PUBLICITY STILLS, PHOTOS AND CARDS" will be FREE on June 4!




Bible Translations, Historical Novels, Short Stories, Poetry, 

Movie Guides, Writing Advice, Mystery and Detective Thrillers

Not just a movie book but a great tool for writers!

How do you think up catchy titles and interesting names? Charles Dickens used to keep a notebook in which he'd write down real names and places that caught his eye. But now there's a much easier and far more effective way. This is what I use: Hollywood Classics Title Index That link will take you to Amazon Kindle. If you prefer NOOK at Barnes & Noble: Hollywood Classics Other ebook stores such as Apple and Sony also stock this book.

For a mere 99 cents, this 345-page book will provide you not only with thousands of fascinating titles but names as well.Movie titles and the names of both movie stars and character players are chosen and designed for one reason only: TO CATCH ATTENTION!

Of course, it's not a good idea to use the titles of recent movies and the names of current stars. This book, however, lists over 3,000 movie titles from 1920 through 1970. It also provides extensive cast lists with more names than you could use in a thousand years. You can also mix first names with different surnames and use titles as a springboard. I see someone has complained that the first section of the book is just a listing of old movie titles. It is. You've got to realize how to use it. For example, here's a 1920 movie titled "The Man Who Had Everything". You could change that to "The Man Who Had Money To Burn", "The Man Who Had a Million Dollar Dream", etc.

Even more importantly, you can also see at a glance that "Man" is a word that carries enormous impact. No less than 33 movie titles in this book begin with that word.

On the other hand, you might think of titling your book or story, "Fast Decision". My publisher thought he had a real upcoming bestseller with this title. Although he wasn't exactly a household word, the author was reasonably well-known. His previous novel had sold just over 68,000 copies in hardcover. But "Fast Decision" died. On the face of it, this seems a very appealing title. But when you look it up in this book, you find that "Fast" is a word with virtually no appeal at all. Strange, but true! Only one movie title begins with the word, "Fast", and as for "Decision", it's not listed at all! On a positive note, how about "King of the Night"? Maybe you don't find that title appealing, but Hollywood has found otherwise. No less than twelve movies begin with the word, "King"; and no less than nineteen with the word, "Night"!

How To Copyright Literary Work -- Fiction, Poetry, Plays, etc.

There is now a standard world copyright for authors. You don't have to front up to a registry and fill in forms any more. Anything you write is now automatically copyright, simply because YOU wrote it. If anyone steals your work or publishes it without your permission, all you have to prove to a court is that you wrote it first. So always keep your first drafts and date them, or better still email copies of a work in progress to a few trusted relatives and friends. Most authors never sell their copyrights outright. Instead, they give a PERMISSION TO PUBLISH to a book publisher, a magazine, a web site, etc. 

The above is the theory. In practice, it's a bit different, as the U.S. Supreme Court has now ruled that a SUBSTANTIAL PORTION of your work must be published without your permission, unless the original work is very short in length, for example a sonnet or a song. Both Congress and authors are unhappy with this decision, but that's where it stands at present. MIND YOU, THERE IS AN UPSIDE, NAMELY THAT AUTHORS TOO CAN MAKE EXTENSIVE QUOTES FROM COPYRIGHT WORKS WITHOUT SEEKING PERMISSION. I would, however, advise caution. The law can be changed back again and some publishers can take you to court just by way of a test or simply to put you out of pocket or make things uncomfortable for you!  


 Here's absolute must reading for all who wish to succeed in literary contests and writing competitions! Click the above Amazon link for the new print edition of John Howard Reid's famous handbook, WRITE WAYS TO WIN WRITING CONTESTS: How to Join the Winners' Circle for Short Story Awards, Poetry Prizes, etc.

Price is $12.50 for the book's trade paperback edition. But you can buy a used copy from Amazon for only $5! An e-book edition is also now available. Buy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other bookstores. The book is currently on sale at Amazon Kindle for only $2.99. Other e-book stores are charging $3.99. But what's $2.99 or $3.99 or even $12.50 compared to increasing your chances of carrying off a large cash First Prize? Click this link for Kindle: Write Ways to WIN WRITING CONTESTS


"Sailing in the Mist of Time" is a spellbinding anthology of award-winning poetry, edited by John Howard Reid. This lavishly produced, 196-page, large-format book features no less than 102 award-winning poems from both the Tom Howard and Margaret Reid Contests, plus 3 original poems from each of the judges. This beautiful book was on special everywhere for only $9.95. but I'm not sure if it is still available at all stores at this price. (The normal retail price is $16.50).

John Howard Reid has published many personal anthologies of poetry, including "ESCAPE TO PARADISE AND OTHER POETIC FANCIES", is described at the bottom of this page. Reid's first collection of poems is also still available. It's titled "Anyone for Love" and it's also available in a Kindle edition for only $2.99.


A keen Bible scholar, John Howard Reid, has translated portions of both the Old and New Testaments in Bible Wisdom for Modern Times: Selections from the Orthodox Old Testament and Mark and John: The First and Last Gospels. He has recently published What Matthew Really Wrote and LUKE: A Radical New Translation as well as PSALMS of Praise and Power newly translated from the Greek Old Testament. These books are also available in Kindle, NOOK and other editions for $3.99 or less. For further information, please click

Reid's novel, In All His Glory, based on the Greek editions of the Biblical books, "Kings" and "Chronicles" (not the abbreviated Hebrew versions), has a central character in King Jeroboam of Israel. The novel recounts his adventurous dealings with Pharaoh Shishak while in exile in Ancient Egypt, after his narrow escape from King Solomon. This book was published in 2006. A follow-up novel of mystery and suspense, "Prophet, Priest and King", dealing with the last days of King Solomon, was published in November 2008.

Reid's other books include four collections of short stories, Mexican Autumn (2006), in which all the stories are not only cleverly inter-related, but are all accurately set in a real Mexican village in Lower California called Bahia de los angeles; Micaela Morris in Jo's Heaven (2007), which includes five award-winning stories, including two First Prizes; A Packet of Dreams, and A Mountain of Many Treasures, both of which were published in late 2008. 

Using the knowledge gained both as a First Prize winner in several literary contests and as the Chief Judge (until July 2013) of three of America's richest writing competitions, Reid authored a popular handbook, Write Ways To Win Writing Contests. The book has now been revised and republished in an Expanded Edition.

Reid is also an expert on classic films and vintage movies from both Hollywood and British studios. He has published a large number of books on this topic, including Silent Films & Early Talkies on DVD: A Classic Movie Fan's Guide (2008). This has been updated to Silent Movies & Early Sound Films on DVD: NEW EXPANDED EDITION (2011) which is now available.

Another recently published movie project is "Mystery, Suspense, Film Noir and Detective Movies on DVD: A Guide to the Best in Cinema Thrills". This book was awarded a Bronze Medal in the annual Readers' Favorite Book Awards! The Kindle edition is only $3.99. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page. 

Was King Solomon Really Wise?

In his historical, suspense thriller, author John Howard Reid challenged the common belief that King Solomon was a prince of wisdom. The Bible chroniclers, in fact, try to play it both ways. Solomon was obviously a complex character, and he is presented as such in "Prophet, Priest and King", a worthy successor to Reid's earlier historical novel, "In All His Glory" which, set in Ancient Egypt, detailed the conflict between Solomon's rival, Jeroboam, and Pharaoh Shishak. In this latest book, set in Ancient Israel around the same time as the events in "In All His Glory", the plot is set in motion by an unknown assassin who is targeting the priests of Baal. In an already explosive political situation, Solomon himself is obliged to run the killer to earth. Will wisdom desert him in his efforts to bring peace to Israel?

A gripping novel of murder and suspense, "Merryll Manning: Trapped on Mystery Island" is the first in a series of highly acclaimed mystery suspense novels that began life overseas back in 1985. Both the second Manning novel, the acclaimed "Merryll Manning: The Health Farm Murders", and the third, the equally acclaimed "Merryll Manning: Beachfront Holiday" are now available for the first time in paperback. These are the books that started the famous literary controversy between Selwa Anthony (who said in her Book Review that John Howard Reid was as effective a writer as Agatha Christie) and American critic, Richard Deutch, who answered in The Sunday Telegraph newspaper: "Some critics have compared Reid's novels to those of Agatha Christie. I find the comparison a little unfair -- to Mr Reid. If Reid's work needs comparing, I would liken it to Graham Greene's." OTHER MANNING NOVELS NOW AVAILABLE AT AMAZON are MERRYLL MANNING: A BRUSH WITH DEATH (FREE DAYS are October 10, November 7 and 21) and MERRYLL MANNING IS DEAD LUCKY (free days are October 10 and 11)

For full details of all the books in the "Merryll Manning" series of mystery/suspense novels,

please visit

For his latest anthology of original poems, JHR decided to use his "Tom Howard" pseudonym. He explains: "I was in the army when some of these poems first appeared on the literary scene, so naturally I had to use a pen name." 

JHR's latest poetry book is ROSALIA DE CASTRO: Selected Poems rendered into English verse. A previous book, MYSTERY, SUSPENSE, FILM NOIR AND DETECTIVE MOVIES ON DVD, attracted some excellent reviews which you can read at Amazon. (This book has won a Bronze Medal in the annual Readers' Favorite Awards). Both books are now available in Kindle editions for only $3.99 each. Yes, JHR is an author who can successfully turn his hand to thrillers, poems, plays, reviews, fiction, non-fiction, you-name-it. It's in his blood. A direct descendant of Robert Stevenson, the grandfather of Robert Louis Stevenson, Reid has written prize-winning verse, award-winning plays, praised-to-the-skies thrillers, as well as writing advice, movie reviews and even a biography or two!